Binjara Traders, Ivory Coast and Sahara on St. Armand’s circle were created by Cleon Dixon over 30 years ago. Cleon, who is originally from Australia, left on a world wide working holiday in 1971. In those days borders were easy to cross and she travelled extensively overland through Asia, Africa, the Middle East, Europe and beyond and her love of travel began.

While traveling through the USA in 1978 she met her husband skiing in Vail Colorado, where they formed a ski lift construction company. In 1987 with their 2 small daughters they moved to Sarasota and Cleon opened her first store called Aussie Ltd., on St. Armand's Circle. The store showcased Australian products and designers and Cleon was able to integrate her love of Australia and adventure into her store. Aussie Ltd. closed in 1994.

In 1991 Cleon opened Ivory Coast on St. Armand's Circle, once again bringing the passion of Africa to her store offering beautiful fabrics, travel clothing, resort ware, jewelry and accessories.

Binjara Traders, meaning nomad, opened in 1994. This store is the result of a global vision combining all Countries and continues to cater to all ages. The combination of younger trendy brands sits well with our cosmopolitan styled fashion.

Sahara was opened in 2009. We had a fire at Binjara Traders and while rebuilding, we opened a temporary store across the street, and Sahara became our 3rd store.

In all three stores we offer a unique style of clothing, accessories and exclusive products from around the world and also proudly from the USA.